The Creighton Model FertilityCare™  system is taught in individualized sessions with a FertilityCare™ Practitioner after a woman or couple completes an introductory session in the group setting.   The introductory session is where a woman or couple begins  learning  the foundations of the Creighton model and can begin charting the very next day, upon registering to enter the program.

A Creighton model teacher, called a practitioner, is assigned to a couple or woman after consideration is given to the client and the practitioner’s  available times and location.  The practitioner will email or call the woman or couple to set up the first appointment.

The Creighton method is solely taught within the  followup sessions by a certified practitioner using the NaProEducation principles.  In this way, the system’s results form the foundation for  NaProTechnology ™,  a new woman’s reproductive science that cooperates with, supports, and restores the woman’s cycle offered by FertilityCare™ Medical Consultants.  

When using this method, the woman or couple will develop their confidence and satisfaction within the followup sessions.   These sessions are confidential and will help promote the woman or couple’s learning, improve their communication, and give feedback on their progress.

The Creighton FertilityCare™ practitioner will refer to medical consultants taught in the principles of NaProTechnology ™ when needs are noted by the practitioner.  These may include irregular bleeding, few or no menstrual periods, tail end brown bleeding, or if the natural couple is having difficulty achieving a pregnancy within 6 months of charting, or sooner.

Contact us if you are transferring from a different center, want to resume charting after a pregnancy, or even if you haven’t charted in awhile.    Tell us your situation so we may better be able to help you get started again.  Email us at

 If you’ve gone through our program, and need supplies, email us with your name(s), a current address, the teacher who instructed you with the approximate time of your last visit, and number and type of supplies needed.   Normally, 2 charts and a book of stamps is adequate.   You may need approval from your practitioner for continued use of yellow stamps long term.

Thank your for your cooperation in supporting our team of FertilityCare™ Practitioners  dedicated to high quality instruction in the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System.

Listed is the Austin FertilityCare Center schedule of introductory sessions to the Creighton Model FertilityCare System for this year.


Introductory Sessions-  2018 Schedule

Date Time Location Room
 Jan. 11 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
Jan 25 7-9 pm SWM LC #1
 Feb. 8 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
 March 8 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
 March 22 7-9 pm SWM LC #1
April 12 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
 May 10  7-9 pm  VC  JPII Suite 110
 May 24 7-9 pm SWM LC #1
 June 7 7-9 pm  VC  JPII Suite 110
 Aug. 9 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
 Sept. 13 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
 Sept. 27 7-9 pm SWM LC #1
 Oct. 11 7-9 pm VC JPII Suite 110
 Nov. 8  7-9 pm VC  JPII Suite 110
 Nov. 29  7-9 pm  SWM  LC #1

Date Time Location Room
 Feb. 24 10a-12n SWM LC #1
April 28 10a-12n SWM LC #1
Aug. 25 10a-12n SWM LC #1
 Oct. 27  10a-12n  SWM  LC #1

Registration: Go to the registration page and follow instructions. Attendees must register online. We will need your name(s), an address, phone, email, and date you wish to attend, and please indicate how you were referred to us.  Email confirmation will be sent when information received.  Email us at with questions or assistance.

Cost: Introductory session class: $35/couple now payable online.   Program registration fee upon sign up: $35, due after class.  Method is taught individually over 8 sessions with a teacher.  Scheduling of meeting times is set between teacher and couple.

The learning schedule for the Creighton model is:  Meeting every 2 weeks for 2 months, every 1 month once, and every 3 months up to 1 year.  Cost of follow-ups is based on family size and income. Sliding scale will be emailed after registration for an introductory session.   We honor requests for financial assistance on an as needed basis.  Email us at

VC–Vitae Clinic
1600 W. 38th Suite 110
Austin, TX  78731

Vitae Clinic is located inside the Jefferson Building on 38th Street.

SWM–Seton Williamson
201 Seton Parkway
Round Rock, TX 78665

Seton Williamson attendees may park by the Woman’s Pavilion side of building. Enter through the associate’s entrance under covered porch.    Learning Center Rooms are down the hallway to the left.